Web-based Cold Outreach System for Sending Unlimited
Bulk Emails, just add any SMTP Server.

10 Great Reasons Why You Need
Send Cold Emails™
  • Import existing or purchased email lists, supports custom fields
  • One click email validation
  • Includes 50,000 FREE email validation credits
  • Removes duplicate email addresses automatically - saves hours of time
  • Filters unwanted email addresses e.g. role based, domain extension & email providers
  • Rotate email subject lines avoids all emails looking the same
  • Automatically checks for spam-like wording
  • Works with any low cost virtual server
  • Add up to 3 email servers
  • Automatic scheduling to send emails on the drip like transactional emails.

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If you're not already sending cold emails
to generate leads, start now.

Sending cold emails is still one of the best acquisition channels.* A good cold email campaign can drive growth and have an amazing return on investment. Send Cold Emails™ is web-based and allows you to send emails to your cold lists, something you can't do with most mainstream marketing software.

The reason you can with Send Cold Emails™ is because you use your own email servers. You can add up to 3 Email Servers giving you GREATER sending power. Our in-house technical team will build your first server for you included in the purchase price. The benefit for you of using your own email servers is that you are in total control of your email marketing needs.

Send Cold Emails™ validates your emails before sending, meaning more of your emails will get inboxed. Using the inbuilt server warm-up schedule ensures your server builds up a good reputation.

It is LEGAL to Send Cold Emails.™

There is a myth that sending cold emails is illegal. Sending cold emails is LEGAL in the United States as long as you follow the Can-Spam Act. For example you must clearly identify yourself, give accurate sender details with a business address and provide a clear process to unsubscribe.

Rules will vary in other English speaking countries such as Canada, Australia and European nations..

Always follow the legislation in your region. Here in the United States you must comply with the Can-Spam Act 2003.

What are you waiting for?
If you need more leads and more prospects for your business then don't delay!
Secure Send Cold Emails™ at this introductory low price of just $199 per year. You can add up to 3 servers, so that's like having 3 email marketing systems working for you for just one low price.
100% Secure Checkout

P.S: Remember, Send Cold Emails™ is a must have tool. Let's recap on just some of the benefits: Add unlimited contacts, inbuilt email validation tool, filter and remove duplicate contacts. Includes inbuilt spam content checker, personalize subject lines and random subject lines to avoid looking like bulk email. Schedule to be sent throughout the day and schedule in accordance with warming up your email server.
send cold emails

Send thousands of cold emails every single day using your own email servers.

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